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Want to target sports fans? Access Sports Media is the partner for you. We take brand concepts and build unique and impactful campaigns around that creative vision, allowing our clients to surround the fan and dominate the sports environment. Our longstanding relationships with our team partners provide brands and clients the benefit of a true turn-key solution, making a national campaign as simple as one in a single market. We know sports fans are constantly on the go, so we have built a catalogue of assets to target them before, during, and after the game through a mix of stadium advertising, in-venue sponsorships, mobile dominations, social media amplification, and digital out of home opportunities.


Selected Works

Netflix – Club de Cuervos

Google Photos


Yahoo Fantasy Football

Legendary – Warcraft

NatGeo Wild

Schick Hydro

Cartoon Network


ASMtv reaches more than 110 million viewers annually through our exclusive digital network of over 25,000 screens located in the concourses, suites, restaurants and clubs
of arenas and stadiums in all four major sports leagues. The unwired, Nielsen measured network features impactful high definition screens running the games during the action
and full sight, sound and motion spots and content during stoppages of play. Additionally, animated banners running adjacent to the games offer exposure during the gameplay.
Averaging 400 screens per venue, ASMTV offers digital roadblocks,as all screens run the same feed throughout the venue.

Surround the fan

We have built a catalogue of assets, providing the opportunity for our clients to surround the fan both
inside and outside our venues, maximizing our reach and providing unique and impactful experiences.


Amplify your message with Access Anywhere

Leverage the power and influence of star athletes, musicians, and other celebreties without the commitment of high cost endorsements.

“At ASM, we are enhancing the consumer experience in and around our venues, while cohesively building customized advertising campaigns, allowing our clients to dominate iconic venues and locations on a single day, weekend or over the course of a season”

Executive Board

William F. Meara III


William F. Meara III is a media entrepreneur and venture investor whom has founded Vector Meara Transit Advertising Group, as well as Fuel Meara Advertising Group, LLC (backed by Och Ziff Capital Management), two of the leading national out-of-home advertising companies which have since been acquired.

Robert Perkins


Robert Perkins is a marketing and communication advisor. He served as Chief Marketing Officer of Pizza Hut and Senior Vice President and Head of Global Licensing and Marketing of Calvin Klein.

Jeff Patterson


Jeff joined Columbia Capital in 1996 and focuses primarily on media investments. Jeff is currently a member of the Board of Directors of Access Sports Media, Hoak Media, Mandalay Sports Media, nuvoTV, and Slacker and is actively involved with The Tennis Channel.

Lucy Mcquilken


Early Stage Consultant/Investor/Board Director. Formerly worked as a Strategic Investment Manager at Intel Capital responsible for technology investments.

Some Fun Facts

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Access Sports Media has a proven record serving an array of major brands to
reach their target audiences with successful and effective marketing campaigns.


We cater services to national and regional sports leagues across the country, looking to maximize
our clients message in the most effective ways possible to target audiences.
All of our impressions and data come from our partners Nielsen and Repucom, the leading third-party research voices in the industry.

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